Content writer portfolio
I like to refer to myself as a professional wing-woman, writing content for companies to attract customers and delivering information to readers to find their ideal product – a match made in heaven.

Working as a full-time content writer for Race Media, I have created news articles to keep sites relevant, curated reviews to rank high in Google, and written static pages to add depth to websites.

I also did some work for a Newcastle Salon, WAK, writing content for hair collection which appeared in US and local magazines, plus put together a video. Check it out below.

Before adding a marketing layer to my writing, I worked as a journalist at Coalface Magazine, a small mining magazine in the Hunter. One of my favourite pieces from my stint at the print publication is the travel piece on Newcastle, my hometown. Click on the link to check it out.

If you feel like walking down memory lane, you can check out some of my older stuff too by clicking the links – who doesn’t love checking out someone’s roots.

In November 2013 I completed a three-week internship at the Newcastle Herald and had a number of articles published. Click on the link below to read some of my published work in the paper and online.

Among the various internships, I did while studying, including at Cosmopolitan Magazine (yes I did get coffee for the team most mornings), Lucy and the Sky (online shop) and the University of Newcastle’s radio station 2NURFM, I contributed to several publications.

One of my favourite (due to the Mean Girl references) was the article I wrote on the debate of Halloween in October 2013 for the University of Newcastle’s Yak magazine.


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