About Me


Welcome to my blog. If you have stumbled across the random gatherings of my thoughts, then I’m doing something right with SEO or social media marketing.

I’m Sarah O’Brien – a full-time content writer who has to limit her caffeine intake and put a cap on her obsession with cats (there are too many dog people in the world anyway).

I love to write and can adapt to any topic from travel to politics and relatable life hacks.

I spent the first six months after graduating from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Communications working for a local print publication, Coalface Magazine.

I then joined the realm of anonymous faces, writing content for a network of 50-plus websites, adapting to topics I knew little about (hey there research skills). I have developed my digital skills, working through the backend of WordPress, using SEO best practices to impress Google. I also use title and meta tags to get the attention of those who use Google.

In my spare time (and why I neglect the poor blog), I have written a science fiction novel, which takes place in a dystopian setting. That sentence just there was an example of poor SEO practice since it’s the most common description of a book these days. But what makes my novel unique is it focuses on mental illness. If you want to know more, shoot me an email sarahnicolaobrien@gmail.com.

I have also replaced the word’s of Coldplay’s ‘No one said it was easy’ with ‘No one said the publishing process was easy’. If you had a fear of rejection, writing a novel and submitting it to agents and publishers would be a perfect example of the exposure method.¬†Persistence is key, though. Eventually, people just get annoyed and publish you so hopefully, my name is on a paperback one day (I have a common name so I’ve probably already achieved my goal).

My favourite pastime is to annoy my cat, which was what I was doing during the two-year gap between the 2016 to 2018 posts. It is also probably what I will be doing during the next gap too.





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