Should you do the Warner Bros. Tour if you hate Harry Potter?

If you grew up without the yearning for a letter from Hogwarts, then I both pity and envy you. But we can’t all like being whisked off to the magical world of Harry Potter – some of us have to hate fun.

If you’re in London, and sick of snapping photos in front of buildings erected well before your time, you should consider visiting Warner Bros. Studio where you can learn about the making of Harry Potter, and discover how the movies captured the essence of J.K Rowling’s mind.

Even if you lack an inner nerd, we recommend checking out the tour if you’re travelling to or living in London. Why? Find out below.

Tickets: Buy online – £41.00 for adults, £33 for children with family, carer and other saver tickets available.

Getting there and home: If you can get yourself to Watford Junction (a train will likely get you there) then you can buy a £2.50 return shuttle bus ticket. You can also buy tours with tickets included.

You can buy a wand

Buy a wand at Hogwarts
Regardless if you’ve managed to miss every re-run of every Harry Potter film on free-to-air TV, everyone wants a wand. You can wave it around as you speak to your colleagues to exert importance. You can use it to point to things to emphasise a point. Or you can shake it around as you cook dinner to make others believe Tuesday night’s dinner won’t be as bland as you know it will be.

For the Harry Potter aficionados who have integrated ‘wingardium leviosa’ into your vocabulary, you can purchase every character’s wand from the Ollivander Wand Shop set up at the end of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour including Harry’s and Voldemort’s.

You will appreciate what you have

Living under the stairs - Christmas is looking good now
Never heard of how Harry lived before he was whisked away by a giant to a world of magic? Well, you’re in for a treat.

The poor boy was shoved under the stairs, with little to no material items and chastised on a day-to-day basis by his extended family – I bet Christmas is looking good now.

Checking out where Harry lived up until he was 11 makes you appreciate that extra space in your wardrobe – even if you question why no one called child protective services.

You can have a sip of Butterbeer

Buy Butterbeer in London
Um, how delicious does Butterbeer sound? Drinking a butterscotch-like liquid which fills you with warmth sounds better than the what’s available on the market likely to leave you full of gas.

Although J.K Rowling’s Butterbeer has alcohol in it, Warner Bros. is kid-friendly and delivers a creaming-soda type beverage with a thick icing-consistency froth on top. It’s not for everyone since it’s quite sickly, but my god that first sip is delicious.

Book and film buffs might find the Butterbeer a bit disappointing, with the imagination regularly enhancing our expectations.

Score Instagram likes with aerial shots of Hogwarts

Have you seen how many posts are under #hogwarts on Instagram? If you haven’t, do yourself a favour and check out the three-million-plus posts uploaded via the social media platform.

Even if your profile is full of landscape shots, Warner Bros. Studio has a cool way to capture aerial views of Hogwarts (as in a castle) without carting along your drone. Grab a snap like the one above, chuck it up on Instagram, and with a bit of Valencia or Sierra to jazz it up, you’ll be racking up the likes before you know it. You’re welcome.

Those of you who love the films so much you’d wear a cape to a midnight screening, prepare to have your minds blown as to how they filmed Hogwarts from above. If you already know, well, good for you, nerd.

If you are adamant you won’t get enjoyment out of how they brought Harry Potter to life (aka you’re Voldemort), check out what else London has to offer.


10 places to check out in Newcastle

10 places to check out in Newcastle, NSW

After you’ve mustered up the courage to climb down into the man-made pool known as the Bogey Hole, and had your caffeine hit on the eccentric street known as Darby, you are likely to want a few more things to do in Newcastle.

My guide isn’t a must – except for the one about ice cream, because ice cream – but it does offer some alternatives if you get some time to explore the city known for its ability to beach a coal ship.

If you already live in this city, sound off in the comments with other places to check out.

1. The other side of Lake Macquarie

Fishing Point in Newcastle

Where: Fishing Point Road, Fishing Point.

Donning your joggers and joining the dozens who head down to Warner’s Bay for a weekend stroll along the Esplanade is great and all, but for those after a chill experience should make the trek to the other side of the lake.

Known as Fishing Point, explore the picturesque lake where locals moor their boats on their jetties. If you’re after a weekend away, check out the stunning properties listed on Airbnb, with several listings offering lakeside luxury and a chance to backflip off your jetty.

If you don’t want to stay too far out from Newcastle’s CBD, you can catch a train and a bus to the coastal destination, or hire a car to cut travelling time down from an hour and a half to 45 minutes.

2. Bar Beach Wall Ball Courts

Where: Empire Park, 107-109 Memorial Dr, Bar Beach NSW 2300

Daaaaaaaaamn! Is what you would be saying while admiring your hidden wall ball skills, and not the talent from courtside. Wall ball involves a player hitting a ball against the wall with a racket, and can be made a team sport by adding extra players.

Groups of friends often dominate the courts, pow-wowing with each other as the feel-good endorphins are pumping through their body. They then venture across the road to cool down in the ocean.

Although the wall ball courts across from Bar Beach are nearly always taken, if you have a weekday to spare you can make your way there, provided you have a tennis racket and balls.

3. Find King Julian at The Hunter Valley Zoo

Meerkat Encounter at Hunter Valley Zoo

Where: 138 Lomas Ln, Nulkaba NSW 2325

You don’t have to travel to Sydney to connect with your spirit animal, with the Hunter Valley Zoo located five minutes from Cessnock. And you’re in luck if King Julian (Madagascar) is yours, with the zoo giving visitors the chance to feed and play with the hilarious creatures in their Meerkat Encounter.

If you don’t have the cash ($100 per person) to let these inquisitive creatures dig for critters in your lap, you can still check them out through the transparent exhibit.

There are also crocodiles, lions, kangaroos, koalas, overzealous goats and sheep eager to guzzle the feed you can pre-purchase, and more. So whether you’ve got kids that need entertaining, or you’re a kid at heart, make the trip to Hunter Valley Zoo – you bunch of pansies.

4. Stumble to the Valley of Wine

Where: Polkobin, Hunter Valley

While I would rather tell you to get to the closest bottle shop to buy a few bottles of cheap wine and sit in a park, I think it’s frowned upon. Besides, your Instagram photos will appreciate a trip out to wine country.

Hunter Valley wines are world famous, but you wouldn’t know it here in Newy where a sack of your finest Fruity Lexia prevails over a nice Shiraz.

Many guides suggest hiring a car, but let’s be real since you’re not going to stare at the wine. If you’re civilised and want to maintain a clean record, look into tours with transportation included. You can then savour the flavour or knock it back and enjoy the taste of regret the following morning.

You can take in the sights instead of being one – check out the hot air balloon rides you can take at the crack of dawn, followed by a well-deserved champagne breakfast.

5. The Beaches – on a Sunday

Rooftop sessions at the Beaches Newcastle

Where: 99 Frederick St, Merewether NSW 2291
You will notice the Beaches pub as soon as you drive down Federick street, past Merewether Beach. The giant hotel takes up the corner block and delivers views the rich get to wake up to every morning. The secret to feeling like a millionaire is waiting until Sunday’s for the best view in town.

If you love a beer after a bash at the beach, stay downstairs. If you want a damn good Instagram photo, and a cool place to risk a hangover on a Monday, check out Rooftop Sunday’s at the beaches.

The Sunday session is open to those who dress appropriately – no singlets and thongs – and there’s a cool balcony you can overwhelm with a group of friends to feel like it’s your own.

6. Stifle your screams for Ice Cream

Where: 172 King St, Newcastle NSW 2300 and in the Junction Fair Shopping Centre

How good is ice cream? Before you answer, you need to check out Popolo Artisan Gelateria where locals drive around in circles to get a car space in the hopes they’ll be licking a cone of dairy (or dairy free) goodness. If you’re on foot, you’ll be able to take in the assortment of delectable flavours without the pang of anger due to a lack of car spaces. Don’t be put off by the line, with the sugar hit well worth the wait and your hands will be sticky in no time.

If you’re after some finger-licking desert in the daylight hours, check out the shop in the Junction Fair Shopping Centre.

7. Get pampered at Muster Point

Illiana and Marisa Conway at Muster Point
Source: @illianaandmarisahmb

Where: 53 Maitland Rd, Mayfield NSW 2304

How good would it be to roll out of bed and get your hair done by someone else while munching on a cheese toastie? Well, you can get the entire package if you head to Muster Point Collective in Mayfield.

The innovative start-up features Perry the Feeder food truck specialising in toasties, and the Cutting Division made up of talented hairdressers renting a chair. Book an appointment with Illiana or Marisa Conway online and grab a toastie on your way – we didn’t think a grilled cheese could taste any better, but we were mistaken after it followed a head massage.

8. Demand a schnitzel from Harry

Where: Located in the Junction Fair Shopping Centre next to Popolo

Sometimes we feel for Harry, constantly being harassed for schnitzels (chicken and vegetarian available).

But you haven’t experienced Newcastle without munging in on a delicious wrap after hearing ‘One schnitzel please Harry’, following your order. At least they’re polite.

Locals usually order from a secret menu, which used to be displayed before the business rebranded and put up a public list of options (while we like to think we are in an exclusive club, we’ve seen the secret menu sitting at the cash register).

Get your wrap and take it to the beach, or a dark basement where you can be alone to appreciate the delicious taste – we won’t judge.

9. Get your homewares fix at the 24 hour Kmart


Where: Waratah Village
Well, this one is obvious, isn’t it? If you don’t already have Kmart’s entire homewares range, you’re doing it wrong. We understand if you’re on a holiday, and you can’t bring back that new dining suite. But you can go there at 2 am and purchase all the little things, like this flamingo light.

Okay, we are pushing things here, but we spend a lot of time at the 24/7 Kmart, so it was tough to come up with an alternative place to take the ninth spot. Besides, how good are the stylish storage options!

10. Find more than just knick-knacks at Olive Tree Markets

Where: Civic Park, Newcastle

Markets are usually good for two things – coffee/food and rewarding your inner knick-knack hoarder. It can be a work of art to convince your significant other to wake up early, deal with the crowds of other hoarders and nudge your way into the stalls to awkwardly stare at the pet rocks.

But The Olive Tree Markets, which relocated from the Junction Primary School to Civic Park, feature a cool collection of stalls with products worthy of your cash.

Blake Parker makes regular appearances with his stall, featuring an assortment of breathtaking prints he captures on his adventures. You can check out what he has to offer by viewing his Instagram.

All photos are my own except for the Muster Point photo, which has been supplied by @illianaandmarisahmb.