10 things New Yorkers need to own up to now

New Yorkers have some explaining to do


Retrieved from: Flickr: Pascal Subtil

I recently visited New York City – the city that seems to have its shit together – but I picked up on just a few things that need to be explained…

1. Why does everyone beep so much, the only time I want to hear beeping is when the microwave beeps to tell me my pizza pocket is ready.

2. Why are your toilets actually swimming pools, what happens when guys sit on the toilet do their peens get a bath, ARE YOUR TOILETS ACTUALLY PEEN BATHS?

3. Why does everyone on the street always ask me if I want to a buy a CD and when I say ‘no’, they say ‘bitch, don’t think I got change’? I don’t know what you got but it sure ain’t change.

4. How are you all so skinny with those damn portion sizes – I want a slice of lasagne not a slab to take home and feed my family of 10. Does the peen bath have a magical calorie extractor attached? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!

5. Why is everything pumpkin spiced? What sort of white girl shit is this?

6. How is everyone so calm when they decide to close the only subway that will get you straight to your destination without having to catch 5236 different ones? If you’re down there you obviously can’t afford to life so what have you got to lose people? RIOT!

7. Why is every pub so surprised that I want to eat when a baseball game is on? DO YOU ALL FAST WHEN A GAME IS ON? DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL FEELINGS SO YOU CAN’T EAT?

8. Why do you put your rubbish on the side walk and not in a huge bin? I’ve seen crows literally open bin lids to get into rubbish, but they don’t even have to work for it in your city.

9.Why is Stabby McStab town (Stabby McStab town) just a few streets away from Richy McRich town (Soho). One wrong turn and everyone is saying gun in every second sentence like they talking about a pumpkin spiced latte.

10. Why is the cab driver always on the phone? Who is he chatting to? What are they talking about? Is it his mum? Is it my mum?




Anti-Melbourne cup actually supporting animal cruelty?

Are those against the Melbourne Cup actually supporting a more widespread sense of animal cruelty?

Two Melbourne Cup horses died in last year’s race, but if you do your research approximately 50 died that same day because their owners were too lazy to call a vet when early signs of illness became apparent, or because the owners fed their horses the wrong thing causing colic – a disease that causes premature death.

So would it be too far of an assumption to state by being against the Melbourne Cup you are actually supporting a more widespread kind of animal cruelty as these horses would become either wild or cared for by irresponsible or poor owners?

The more horses pushed into the wild face death due to starvation or dehydration. The more horses taken in by owners face a lack of care, colic disease, and more due to owners being irresponsible or even just unable to afford it – a rising trend as farmer’s income declines. The race-horsing industry is a multi-million dollar industry giving these animals the right care that they need, immediate attention to early signs of illness, and while it may be for greedy and selfish reasons, it still sees these animals cared for.

In actual fact the horse Mongolian Kahn, a front runner for the Cup, has been showing signs of colic disease and instead of receiving zero care it will be treated immediately, and removed from the race. That doesn’t sound like animal cruelty to me, but letting it die because the owner is too lazy to call a vet, does.

I am a vegetarian and I have often struggled with the for and against battle with Melbourne Cup and ultimately the racing industry. I don’t eat any meat including fish, nor do I consume anything with Gelatin in it (this is made from cows hooves and found in many lollies, jelly and more).

I don’t wear anything made out of leather, nor do I shop anywhere that supports Angora Fur (David Jones and General Pants both supported Angora but have recently ditched due to the video footage of rabbits having their fur ripped out while they are alive).

Many people I have seen posting about the fact the Cup supports animal cruelty, shopped at these places, wear make-up and clothes brands that are notorious for testing on animals and animal cruelty, respectively, and more. They support definite animal cruelty without even bothering to do the research, yet are quick to state the Melbourne Cup, and only the Melbourne Cup (not any other race days) is a form of animal cruelty.

There is a whole other argument for racehorses and their futures after racing, which has left me very confused about my stance on racing, but for now this is how I see the Cup and the race-horsing industry – straight from a vegetarian’s mouth.