10 annoying questions vegetarians get asked – by cats.

1. You don’t eat meat?

You don't eat meat?

2. What do you eat, lettuce?

cat laughing

3. OH, I forgot you were vegetarian, can you just pick the meat out?

pick meat out

4. I don’t know how you do it. I want to be a vegetarian but meat is just so delicious.

cat licking pig

5. But WHERE do you get your protein?


6. It’s evolution, we are meant to eat meat.


7. If I was going to die but you could save me by eating meat would you?

eat meat to save me

8. But you know you’re still killing plants, right?

plants maybe

 9. What if that fake meat is actually real meat, and you’re eating real meat right now!?

fake meat

10. Do you hate me because I eat meat?


All images are from catgifpage.com and giphy.com


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