Shark Sighting in Newcastle

Shark Swims Along Newcastle Beaches

Beaches in Newcastle, NSW, have shut down in the past few days due to an unusual sighting.

A shark fin has been popping up at multiple beaches around the region and swimmers have been warned, with beaches shutting down.

The Newcastle Herald has been consistent in its reporting of the four to five metre shark, however these articles have generated some interesting responses on social media. Some people don’t know how to act so if you aren’t here is a guide on how to respond  on social media when a shark sighting occurs at your local beach.

Blame The Council

When a great white is in close proximity, don’t leave the council in charge because they might close the beaches.

Of course, if they don’t shut the beach remember to get your pitchfork if the shark does attack.
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Red Flags Can’t Stop Us

Just because they close the beach and warn you not to swim, doesn’t mean you can’t. But if the shark attacks, make sure they kill the shark, or at least five others in the near vicinity.

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Blame The Media

Get overtly irritated by the media reporting on the shark sightings. Go looking for the articles, and make sure you comment on them, but always say that you are angry they are sharing these stories. If they report on an attack, delete your comments.

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Logical Reasoning Works Too

Compare a man-made machine which causes accidents with a living, breathing animal that may attack when you go into its habitat to back up your argument. Follow with extra exclamation marks to make your point.

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If All Else Fails Reference Jaws

Jaws is obviously a Steven Spielberg Documentary.

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