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A rogue Journalist sharing her opinions until someone hires her

Ice Challenge could cause more harm than good for charities

The next trend to sweep social media since the questionable ‘nek nominations’ is the ice challenge. Like its disorderly parent, which involves someone being nominated and recorded to skull certain amounts of alcohol, the ice … Continue reading

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The Voice Kids should be axed

The Voice is an international franchise, gaining popularity in countries such as the UK, the US, and now Australia. If putting vulnerable, budding, singers on a television show to be … Continue reading

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Should employers treat their interns the same as their employees?

Working for free can come at a cost. Unpaid work experience is a necessity for university students to stand out from their cohorts. Great grades are highly commended but to … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Misogyny

Feminists all around the world rejoiced when Australia’s former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, smacked down misogyny in a 15 minute speech. Unfortunately, we have not come far since then. There is … Continue reading

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Todd Carney faces social media repercussions

The consequences of social media are very real and  Todd Carney has learnt this losing his job on the weekend over the release of a lewd picture that has now gone … Continue reading

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Students are disrespected by their non-studying cohorts

Sleeping in, free money from the government, and full days in pyjamas; these are just a few of the things those who do not study view those at university score. … Continue reading

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Caitlin Stasey has a point

Tomorrow when the War Begins’ star Caitlin Stasey has recently hit her arguably brilliant twitter feed to rant about Bindi Irwin’s public opinion. Personally, I believe Stasey has a point. … Continue reading

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Glamourising crime

Recently the image of a criminal’s mug shot went viral. Not because of the crimes he committed, but because he was deemed attractive. Thousands of women, and men, shared the … Continue reading

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Is the media selective with their support?

Why is the media so cheerful about the Socceroos loss? Looking at the Newcastle Knights as an example an article written on the Newcastle Herald website on June 8, 2014 … Continue reading

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